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Alejandra Billoni

Design/ Interior Design/ Staging

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

Alejandra Billoni

Alejandra was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she grew up and studied architecture at “Buenos Aires University of Architecture and Urbanism”. Upon graduating from her 6 year degree plan and becoming an Architect, she continued her schooling for 2 more years to receive her degree in design at Architect Gaston Breyer Institute. 

In 2000, she moved here to the Vail Valley where she lives with her son, Lucas, and husband. She owns a private fitness studio, UMA Fitness Massage & Bodywork, in the Riverwalk in Edwards. 
She continues to use her talents in architecture and design working on projects including: interior design and staging houses, remodeling inside and outside of homes, businesses, offices, restaurants, night clubs, spas, gyms, and much more.
Alejandra believes creativity and design is a lifestyle and prides herself in seeing the diamond in each rock.